Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maryland Practice: Civil Procedure Forms

While I get up to blogging speed, I might throw a few no-brainers out there. This is not a bad thing. With the volume of legal information out there, occasionally you need a refresher course in the basics.

I find one invaluable resource that I always rely upon when asked about Maryland forms is George Liebmann's Civil Procedure Forms of the Maryland Practice set. (Liebmann is, of course, one of the great scholarly minds of Maryland law.) This, of course, has examples of the standard and esoteric forms you will find in Maryland civil practice. If you are ever asked to write a motion you have never written before, like say a "Motion for Non-disclosure of Secret Processes on Deposition," this is the book that shows you how to do it (and with some helpful commentary to boot). If you don't own a copy, your local public law library or general public library (in Maryland of course) should have one available.

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Friday, September 12, 2008

PG County Added To Case Search

For those of you that missed this, Prince George's County recently added their records to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. The FAQ page shows that the system now has civil dockets back to 1986 and criminal dockets back to 1982. Following the successful addition of Montgomery County dockets, Case Seach now includes dockets from every county in Maryland. Thanks to Carol Mundorf for this find!

Pleading Causes of Action, Fourth Edition

I just read that the Booker Prize Shortlist has been annouced and this reminded me of one book that really deserves a prize and that's Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland by James Archibald and the ubiquitous Paul Mark Sandler. We just got our brand, spanking new Fourth Edition from our friends at MICPEL. Pleading Casues of Action has a host of sample complaints for various causes of action that might bring you into court in Maryland. The new book has information on the Protection of Homeowners in Foreclosure Act, expanded materials on family law and coverage of important cases that came out last year. If you are practicing Maryland law, this is a book you need (as well as the Maryland Rules Commentary and Modern Maryland Civil Procedure)!

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