Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Researching Maryland Utility Companies

The Maryland Public Service Commission regulates public utilities in Maryland. Their site provides access to a tremendous amount of information. To find a regulated utility provider in Maryland, see this page. You can also search filings submitted by a particular company, although only relatively few of these are full text. Probably the best resource on they site, though, is the case search. Although the search is designed for a case number search, you can search by company name by entering a company into the "Enter Subject/Caption" box. Most of the case files are available online. The Administrative Docket link provides information on agency filings. Select either "Rulemaking," "Public Conference," or "Other." After selecting one of the items from the search result, scan the list of documents for the company you're interested in. Finally, you can also search the Commission Orders and Letter Orders by scanning the result list for your company of interest.


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