Friday, August 26, 2005

Tracking The Contributions

If you're interested in researching the source for where Maryland political figures receive their contributions, there are a number of sites that can help you do that. First, to get an overall sense for where Maryland political officials raised their money, take a look at the following page from the OpenSecrets website. Next, see the following page for tracking contributions to Maryland senators and congressional representatives at the federa level. For each candidate, data is presented for the source of funds, the type of PAC contribution, and the quality of disclosure. To track contributions at the state level, take a look at the site of the State Board of Elections. On this site, you can search the Contributions Database for contributions to Maryland political figures. (There's the option for a simple or advanced search; the advanced search seemed to work better for me--using only the last name and leaving the first name blank). For each individual, you are presented with information about who made the contribution, the amount, the date the contribution was made, and the contributor type (PAC, individual, business, etc.). Also on this site, take a look the the Summary Guide To Candidacy And Campaign Finance Laws.


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