Monday, February 14, 2005

Maryland Divorce Law

This page from the Divorcenet site provides a considerable amount of information on the subject of divorce in Maryland. Aside from giving links to divorce lawyers in MD, the real meat of this page is in the article section. Articles here cover such topics as property division, custody, insurance, mediation, and divorce procedure. Articles are authored by various law firms, the Divorcenet staff, and individuals from various organizations involved in divorce.

Divorcenet is managed by Law Tech Media Group, LLC whose mission is to "connect: the general public with the legal community in a constructive, educational manner; attorneys with each other to share legal expertise; and parties and enable people to provide practical and emotional support for each other over the Internet." The site is certainly a tremendous resource for divorce related material on the Web. I'm curious about the accuracy of the content posted on this site, though: does anyone know anything further? Any comments would be appreciated.


Blogger James J. Gross said...

Trevor: I write articles for the Maryland and DC sections of divorcenet. We try to keep the content as accurate and up to date as possible. -- Jim Gross

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