Friday, January 11, 2008

New Maryland Rules

If you've received new volumes of the Maryland Rules, you might think you're using the most current version of the Rules. You're not. The Rules were modified subsequent to the books being published. As a result, the volumes are only current through Nov. 1, '07 and don't include the most recent Rules Order (filed on Dec. 4) which updated the Rules. Generally, the online version of the Rules is more up to date than the print version. In this case, though, that is also not the case. The free version of the MD Rules (provided by Lexis) is still not up to date. I spoke to one of the editors and was told this should be updated soon. Pocket parts for the print volumes only come out in June.


Anonymous Mdlawlib said...

Interesting! Did they say what the lag time was for updating the free code? I just assumed that it was upadated with the pay rules. This is important to know since we direct people to these sites.

JC in Montco

11:35 AM  

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