Friday, July 06, 2007

Maryland Case Search

This is an update to a posting by Andy Zimmerman from March of '06 on the Maryland Judiciary Case Search. Since that posting, the system has undergone a number of improvements. First, at that time we mentioned that the system provided only skeletal information about a case. That has since changed. Almost every docket that I've seen now contains a full case history. Second, we mentioned that back in '06 Montgomery and Prince George's counties did not exist on the system. That too has changed. The system now contains docket information for Montgomery County Circuit Court (civil back to 1978 and criminal back to 1979) and criminal dockets for Prince George's County Circuit Court back to 1982. Unfortunately, civil case docket information is still not available for Prince George's County. For a detailed listing of what information is available on the system, see the FAQ page.


Blogger Abbie Bradfield Mulvihill said...

This is great to know!

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Blogger Dopple said...

Just a heads up that Maryland Residents will now be able to expunge civil citations for civil offenses. Prior to this revision a person with a Civil Citation had that civil offense on their record permanently. Examples include misrepresentation of age to buy alcohol or possession of alcohol as a minor. The new law modified the Criminal Procedure Art. 10-101 and becomes effective Oct. 1, 2007. And of course it is retroactive.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i tried to get a civil citation expunged ( possesion of alcoholic bev by person under age of 21 . it was denied immediatly. i dont know why and am pretty upset by it. I did plead guilty to it and paid a 75 dollar fine. Now its on my record forever and i have been denied apartments because of it. Im about to spend alot of money on a lawyer to get this taken care. hopefully.

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