Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Monitoring New MD Legislation

With the new legislative session about to begin tomorrow, January 10, you may be interested in ways of monitoring bills on specific subjects. If you're a real estate attorney, for example, you may be interested in keeping up to date with new bills affecting your practice area. So, how do you do that? If you need instantaneous updates and can afford the pricetage ($800 per/yr) the Maryland General Assembly (MGA) provides a service called the Legislative Subscription Service. For the rest of us, the Assembly as of now does not provide a free email update service or feed. However, with a couple of manual steps, you can stay current. In the "Bill Indexes" part of the site select "One Or Two Subjects." All bills in the MGA are classified by one or more subjects. To find bills relating to your subject use either the drop-down subject list or, if you don't see your term listed, use the thesaurus on the bottom of the page. Back on the main page, select "Statute" to search for bills affecting a specific code section.


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