Thursday, October 19, 2006

Maryland Energy Efficiency Incentives

If you're interested in researching Maryland laws and regulations relating to renewable energy/ energey efficiency the first site you should check is the Maryland Energy Administration. If you're interested in financial incentives in particular check out this page and follow the link to the Database of State Incentives For Renewables and Efficiency. This is a fantastic site which includes a full page on Maryland. This page includes links to much of the major Maryland legislation providing incentives for renewables and energy efficiency. Worth mentioning, though, are a few links the site left off.

For additional Maryland state laws, see the following:

HB 804 Property Tax Credit - High Performance Buildings (2004) (Tax Property 9-242); SB 485 Solar Energy Grant Program (2004) (State Government 9-2006); SB 314 Maryland Clean Energy Incentive Act of 2006 (2006) (Tax General 10-720);

For additional Maryland regulations, see the following:

Executive Order 01.01.2001.02; COMAR 14.26.02.


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