Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Measuring Maryland's Exports

If you're interested in numbers on MD exports to other countries, the International Trade Administration site will prove very useful. In truth, even if you're not interested in this topic, this site is worth checking out. There are three pages which offer a good overview of MD's foreign exports: Global Patterns of A State's Exports (which profiles MD exports to other countries), State By State Exports To A Selected Market (which profiles a particular country's imports of MD goods), and Export Product Profile To A Selected Market (which profiles the exports from MD to a particular country). In each case, after selecting Maryland from the drop down menu, your results are presented both graphically (top of the page) and through tables (bottom of the page). You can also specify search criteria by years, product types, dollar values, and other options. Also be sure to check out the Export Resources page on this site which provides a link to A Basic Guide To Exporting.


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