Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Governor's Executive Orders

As I said at the outset: this blog is intended to be collaborative. That being said, I'm trying to understand discrepancies in the two online sources for Executive Orders: Executive Orders as they are offered on this page (select Executive Orders) from the COMAR site and Executive Orders as they are offered from this page from the Office of The Governor. If you compare the two sites, you'll notice that not every Order that appears in the Office of the Governor site appears in COMAR. And my question is why? Any thoughts are welcome.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trevor - If you look closely at the list on the Governor's webpage, you will see that most of the Executive Orders that have been omitted by COMAR are pardons and commutations of sentences. Although important to the people involved, most COMAR readers are not interested in reading every Executive Order, but only the ones that have bearing on Maryland Government.

Task Force and Council appointments, and announcements about various State Government programs are included on the COMAR site. I applaud Gov. Ehrlich's desire to be open about every Executive Order he signs, but the COMAR editors probably feel that if people really wish to read every Order, they can do so at the Governor's site.

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