Monday, April 03, 2006

Office of Legislative Audits

Housed within the Department of Legislative Services, the Office of Legislative Audits (OLA) is charged with providing "the General Assembly and the citizens of Maryland...independent, objective, and non-partisan audits and evaluations of State government agencies." For basics of how the agency operates see the FAQ page. The real meat of the site, though, is in "Publications" section. The OLA provides full access to its published audit reports, organized by agency. So...if you're researching possible wrongdoing by a state agency, this can be a very useful tool.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to email you with a question.
I apologize in doing it in the comment section.

How long can a Maryland dissolved corporation be liable for tort claims. The corp has been dissolved for 9 years and the past resident agent has been served with a tort claim made by a minor and his family. (A Lead Pt issue I believe)
I have searched everything online and cant find help. Do you know the answer or where I can go to find this out. I dont know if we should even file an answer to the suit.

Thank you again

1:06 AM  

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