Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Maryland Municipalities

For those of you looking for information on Maryland’s Municipalities, the following page provides a detailed map of Maryland’s 127 municipalities. Best of all, the page is interactive: clicking on the link for each municipality takes you to a separate page with more information on the municipality. From there, you can also typically link to the municipality’s homepage.

While we’re on the subject of maps, there are two other map pages that I’ve come across recently which are useful. The first is a page on Maryland Reassessment Maps from the State Department of Assessments and Taxation which provides a graphic view, by county and time period, when each county in Maryland will be reassessed. A second resource, is a page called Baltimore City iMap which allows you to zoom in and out on different parts of Baltimore City. Looks like it could be useful, but it does seem a bit cumbersome to use.


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